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How To Style Your Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelves remain trendy because of the right mix of functionality and style. If you want to achieve that sense of balance but don’t know where to start, then you’ve landed the right article! Below, I will share the top tips for styling open shelving to help make your kitchen shelves functional, classy, and full of character.

Play With Colours

A Scandinavian boho style combines soft neutral tones and colourful decoration pieces. So don’t be afraid to play with colours. You can use white dishes and wooden cutting boards to match the Scandinavian theme. Then, add some bohemian elements by displaying colourful drinking glasses, bowls, or mugs. Doing so will make your open kitchen shelves look warmer and livelier.

Display the Essentials

You may love the idea of open kitchen shelves, but you might also worry about your kitchen utensils getting dusty. The key is to display those items that you use daily. These include your plates, mugs, cutting boards, and more. Since you use and wash them regularly, you’ll be confident that they won’t get dusty.

Add Antiques

Aside from picking the things that you use daily, add antiques that your family may have given you or you’ve collected from your travels. Doing so will make your open kitchen shelves more interesting, giving visitors a glimpse of who you are.

Consider Different Heights

When styling open shelving, make sure that the items you’re displaying have varying heights. You can add tall thin vases or picture frames. Then, pair them with some small bowls or cups. You can also arrange other items vertically or horizontally, such as plates, cutting boards, and books. Play with the heights to create an intriguing look to your open kitchen shelves.

Besides, this one’s easy to pull off, given that you’re going to need different utensils while in the kitchen. Your plates, bowls, glasses, and other kitchenware are used for different purposes, so you can expect different shapes and sizes.

Mix Textures

Another key to successfully styling open shelves is introducing more textures. For instance, display your glass or smooth ceramic beside your wooden cutting board or bowl to achieve various textures. You can also opt for rattan placemats. Display items with smooth and rough textures to create contrast and spark interest.

Add Some Greenery

To achieve that Scandinavian boho style in your kitchen, don’t forget to display some plants. Adding a touch of nature will bring more texture and life to your kitchen. Go for viney and training plants to add more thrill. Compared to those that grow in pots, these plants will add more dimensions to your kitchen shelf.

Apply the Rule of Three

The rule of three is also applicable in styling open shelving. Grouping your items this way makes your kitchen shelves look attractive and organised, which is what a Scandi boho style is all about. For example, your wooden cutting board, white plate, and sleek vase are already a group of three. Then, you have another group with three colourful drinking glasses. You can have five or more groups of three to make your kitchen shelves stand out. 

Add Some Artwork 

Another secret to styling open shelving beautifully is through art. Showcase your favourite artwork you’ve received as a gift or that painting made by a local artist. Adding art pieces will not only keep you inspired while cooking or washing the dishes — it also reflects a part of your personality and taste. Getting Instagram-worthy photos of your open kitchen shelves is another plus. 

Style the Space Underneath

Styling open shelving helps you save space while ensuring that they are both pretty and functional. However, this doesn't mean that you will leave the space underneath the shelves empty. Display your glass jars or appliances; make your wooden cutting board lean against the wall, or display a bowl of fruit to add colour.

Look at Your Kitchen Shelves From a Distance 

While styling open shelves, don’t forget to see what they look like from a distance. Doing so will let you achieve symmetry. This is particularly important if you have two sets of shelves or longer shelves. Stepping back to see how it looks also helps you avoid overcrowding and maintaining an artsy look instead of a messy one.

Open Kitchen Shelves: Style Them Like a Pro

Styling your open kitchen shelves indeed takes some planning and choosing the right kitchen items to display to achieve that right mix of functionality and aesthetics. At Sonny Day Studios we specialise in products to create the perfect styling on open shelving. Email me to have a bespoke mood board created for your space.