The Scandi Girl

A style that is minimalistic. She focuses on clean lines, classic furnishings and beautifully paired back details. Blending textures and soft hues will add elements to the scandi home that make it warm and peaceful. Find your soft scandi elements here.

  1. Lily Bowl - SonnyDayStudios
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  1. Sky Mug
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  1. Bali Coaster
  1. Cerelia Flatware
  1. River Mug
  1. Bali Placemat
  1. Sonny Day Studios Gift Card - SonnyDayStudios
  1. Blush Lilac Wave Bowl
  1. Boe Baskets
  1. Lefa Fruit Cup
  1. Miah Egg Holder
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  1. Tadelakt Candle Holder
  1. Large Palm Bowl
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  1. Palm Wall Fans
  1. Noe Jug
  1. Sol Large Platter
  1. Remote Places To Stay
  1. Cloud bowl
  1. Scandinavia Dreaming
  1. Saffi Mug
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  1. Thea Bowl
  1. Bali Baskets
  1. Sofie Mug
  1. Casablanca Painted Jug