Our Story

I’m Morag, the founder of Sonny Day Studios.

Sonny Day Studios was born out of my love of design and interiors. We have created a collection of homeware products that are heavily inspired by travel, escapism and wanderlust.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, creating a calm and serene home environment has been an important part of my life. I find peace and inspiration in travel escapism and hope our collection of products at Sonny Day Studios will help you imagine your own interior dreamscape.

Our products are handpicked and sourced from all over the world, including Portugal, France, Morocco and the Middle East. Our mission is to support local producers as much as possible and bring something beautiful and unique to you, our customers.

Home is different to every person, it's the people who walk through your door, the laughter and silence that fill your space. The mug you choose for your morning coffee and the dishes you pick for a dinner with friends. The small pieces that make up your life, not complicated but special. Everyone should have a home that feels safe, loved and happy.

We hope you start to dream here at Sonny Day Studios, but most importantly, find your peace.