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How to Create a Scandi Bohemian Home

If you’re a minimalist, you might love the Scandinavian style for its functionality and soft, earthy tones. But if you’re a maximalist, you might adore a bohemian home with its vibrant colours and bold personality. What happens if you merge the two and create a beautiful Scandi-Bohemian home? In the following article, I will share with you what a Scandi-Boho interior design is and how you can achieve it for your home.

What Is the Scandi-Boho Interior Style?

The Scandinavian interior style focuses on minimalism, simplicity, and cleanliness while using wood and organic materials. Meanwhile, bohemian interior style is perfect for maximalists—bright colours, layered textures, more carefree designs, and full of character.

However, if you want to add some warmth to your Scandinavian home or introduce soft and neutral colours to your bohemian interior, then you should opt for a Scandi-Boho interior style. This popular combo allows you to use the best of both styles—the simple, minimalist touch of Scandinavian interior and the creative, free-spirited touch of the bohemian interior.

How to Achieve a Scandi-Boho Style

Since Scandinavian and bohemian styles seem to be the opposite, you might think that combining them will lead to a messy interior. However, the key is finding the perfect balance between both styles. Here are some ways for you to achieve that balance.

Start With White Walls

Achieving a Scandi boho home begins with white walls. This means using more neutral colours, like white, beige, or grey to let the bohemian elements easily pop up. You can remove your wallpaper and then repaint the walls white. Alternatively, you can add more white or neutral elements, such as rugs or furniture.

Sort Out Your Stuff

While the Scandinavian interior is known for its simplicity and functionality, the bohemian interior style is recognised for its boldness. To find the perfect balance between the two, group your things first. Separate big furniture from small furniture. Are there items that you no longer need? Do you need to buy some new furniture? Categorising these things, including your home decor, will help you decide which ones to dispose of and which to use for your bohemian accents. 

Mixing old stuff with new stuff is also another way to create successful Scandi-Boho interiors. The goal is to choose pieces that represent yourself and your personality. So, you can place your old books on your new bookcase and add some random, interesting finds from your past travels.

Choose Your Colours

Picking your colours and sticking to them is another way to pull off your Scandi-Boho home. A purely bohemian home would have different colours to your liking. However, to add the simple, minimalist touch of the Scandinavian interior, it’s best to plan your colours and make the design still look organised. Consider choosing from three to five colours. Then make sure to add neutral colours.

Add Organic Materials and Patterns

Remember that the Scandinavian interior style uses wood and organic materials. It can also include metals like chrome and steel. The good thing is that bohemian interior style also adopts these elements but with a maximalist approach.

You can also incorporate both geometric and ethnic patterns when developing Scandi-Boho interiors. Use rattan and cane furniture. Install organic pendant lamps. Add throw pillows, area rugs, some paintings, and other decor items to bring more colours, patterns, and textures to your Scandi-Boho interiors.

Add More Plants

If you’re a fan of the boho style like me, you must know that plants are a must to achieve this aesthetic. While urban jungles have become a popular trend, only add enough plants that you’re confident you can take care of. 

Put at least one or two plants in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom to bring more life to your home. You can start with plants that require low maintenance, like dracaena or snake plants. 

Maximise Natural Light

Scandi-Boho interiors are also focused on having natural light flow in. So, keep your windows open to let natural light in. You can also use white curtains to help bring in more light. Using warm light for all lamps is recommended, too.

Scandi-Bohemian Home: Achieve This Trendy Style

As I have shared with you above, you can achieve Scandi-Boho interiors using the right balance of both minimalist and maximalist principles. The key is to pick the right decor, furniture, and colours that tell stories and reveal your personality. If you would like any advice on how to style your home please send me an email and I would be happy to do a mood board of your space.