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How to Create Your Dream Tablescape

Coming together to eat is as old as human history itself. Friends, families, and colleagues have all shared a table to either mark special occasions or just as a way to socialise over some good food. Of course, back in the day, table settings were much simpler, though the ancient Greeks and Romans were certainly ahead of their time. Often excessive and extravagant, the wealthy ancients had huge, jar-like goblets, engraved silver utensils, and cups that were more like art pieces depicting gladiatorial matches rather than a hollow container spirited with wine. 

Nowadays, though, tablescapes—which are an elevated approach to the typical table setting—are more of an art form in themselves than a mere display of opulence. In fact, modern-day tablescapes are all about setting the stage for both the food and the mood of the dining room, whether you’re hosting a simple dinner or a full-blown holiday celebration. A perfect example of this is the Scandi-Boho tablescape style—a marriage between Scandinavian minimalism and Bohemian charm. 

Creating Scandi-Boho Tablescapes

If you don’t believe in the saying “opposites attract,” then you probably haven’t marvelled at a Scandi-Boho tablescape setup. For those who are unfamiliar with the principles of Scandinavian design, this style is all about simple, clean lines, clutter-free spaces, and neutral colours. The functionality of the items used and the design itself is prioritised over form. Scandinavian designs also emphasise the use of wood and organic materials. 

Meanwhile, Bohemian designs are hinged upon the charm of vintage finds, vibrant colors, and ethnic patterns. Character is the foundation of a Bohemian-style table arrangement, wherein variety takes precedence over consistency or uniformity. It’s all about being adventurous and free-spirited as opposed to having a muted or simple approach. 

Despite these differences, though, these two styles share a few things in common: patterns, the use of textures, cane or rattan-made items, and greenery for accents. When combined into a tablescape setup, the Scandi-Boho style is a kind of design that achieves balance, as both arrangements temper or enhance the other. 

If you’re interested in creating your very own dream Scandi-Boho tablescape, here’s a quick guide you can follow.

Start With White 

Treat your pure white table or cloth as a canvas—it’s the beginning of a fascinating art piece. With a white cloth draped over your table, you can utilise a lot of negative space while having the freedom to layer it out with patterns later. In terms of setting the mood, white promotes a clean, bright, and relaxing atmosphere that can encourage mindful eating. 

Mix and Match Layers

Since you have a white tablecloth, brighter plates can add some much-needed colour to your Scandi-Boho tablescape. Consider using handwoven or ethnic placemats, this will add texture and warmth to the table. Adding woven and rattan elements combines the scandi and bohemian style nicely. 

When mixing and matching layers, don’t forget to factor in negative space. Leave room for your design to breathe so it won’t look disorganised. Remember, Scandinavian style is about clutter-free spaces, which can serve as an effective guide for scaling your tablescape. 

On the other hand, incorporating a Bohemian design isn’t about haphazardly throwing together patterns but rather a thoughtful way of arranging them on top of each other while preserving harmony. So, watch out for layers that severely contrast with each other when mixing and matching. 

Add different materials. Stone, Ceramic, Glass and linen all add beautiful elements to a tablescape.

Introduce Colour 

Add elements of colour to bring the bohemian side alive. Use beautiful coloured plates, glassware and candles to add an element of bohemia and design to the table. It is important to stick to a specific colour palette and make sure they all work together cohesively. Sage green, lake green, soft pinks, gold details and white linens all work in beautiful harmony. 

Add a Touch of Green

A little goes a long way in a Scandi-Boho tablescape. I personally like to add fresh or dried flowers. Elongating the stems of your flowers to create a 'wild' garden will make the table feel relaxed and beautiful. Stay with soft neutral colours to not detract from the beautiful ceramics. 

Oneness in Opposites

When you create tablescape designs in the Scandi-Boho style, it’s best to lay out several items beside each other so you can see which ones coordinate best. While it can be a little tough to bring together what may seem like conflicting design principles, finding common ground between them will definitely result in a tablescape that’s functional but has a lot of personality. You’ll go through a bit of trial and error to get this right, but once you find what works, you’ll be able to create a dream tablescape that’ll look beautiful for any occasion.

Please email me if you would like a tablescape design planned to bring your dinner to life.